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Application: CB*875-78 bond cable reel is used to store ship grounding cables. It has three types: Type A cable reel with electric current loop, Type B handle type cable reel and Type C hand wheel cable reel, according to different cable diameters. All our products manufactured follow the shipbuilding industrial standards. We can also supply customized products as customer’s needs.

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Features of Bond Cable Reel CB 875-78

1. Be Used to Store Ship Shore Cables;

2. Standard: CB*875-1978

3. Model Type: A28, B16, B22,C36,C44;

4. Cable Diameter:27.6~44mm;

5. Max. Length of Cable: 150~230m;

6. Smooth and Clean Surface without Burrs, Cracks or Any Defects;

7. Reel Can be Fixed with the pedestal by Bolts or Be Fixed by Welding;

Mooring Cable Reel CB 875-78


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