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Application: Marine mooring rope reel is used to store mooring ropes (mainly steel wire or fiber wire). It is not used for towing or stranded cable. We mainly supply the following standard types of marine mooring reels: CB/T3468-92 steel wire reel, CB/T498-95 fiber wire reel, CB*875-78 bond cable reel, and CB*3048-83 motor driven tight wire reel.

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Features of Marine Mooring Reel

1. Applicable to All Kinds of Ships;

2. Suitable for Storing Steel Wire or Fiber Cable, Bond Cable;

3. Standard for Choice: CB/T3468-92, CB/T498-95,CB*875-78,CB*3048-83 etc.;

4. Material: Steel;

5. Surface: Blasting, Epoxy

6. Smooth and Clean Surface without Pit, Burrs,Sharp Corner,Cracks;

7. Anti-rust, Lubricating;

Marine Mooring Rope Reel


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