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1. Main Types List

(1) 53-ON Air Vent Head

(2) JIS F3012 Air Vent Head

(3) JIS KS91A-121 Air Vent Head

(4) JIS F3056 Foot Valve

(5) JIS F3060 Vertical Storm Valve

(6) JIS F3060R Angle Storm Valve

(7) JIS F7121 Water Filter

(8) JIS F7201 U Type Duplex Oil Strainer & Filter

(9) JIS F7203 Mud Box

(10) JIS F7208 H Type Duplex Oil Strainer & Filter

(11) JIS F7220 Y Type Strainer

(12) JIS F7301 Globe Valve

(13) JIS F7302 Angle Valve

(14) JIS F7305 Globe Valve

(15) JIS F7306 Angle Globe Valve

(16) JIS F7311 Globe Valve

(17) JIS F7311C SDNR Valve

(18) JIS F7312 Angle Globe Valve

JIS Marine valve


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