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Fairlead with Horizontal Rollers

Fairlead with horizontal rollers, consisting of vertical and horizontal rollers, can guide mooring ropes from any direction. Horizontal roller fairlead, also called universal roller fairlead, is usually located in the deck end. Horizontal roller fairlead can greatly reduce the abrasion of mooring ropes for the rollers fixed around the fairlead.



CB/T 3062-2011 Horizontal Roller Fairlead

CB/T3062-2011 fairlead with horizontal rollers has 3 types: CB/T3062-2011 type A,B, C. The total number of rollers ranges from 3 to 5. Horizontal roller fairlead is strictly produced according to the standard CB/T3062-2011. The surface of the rollers do not have any defects which affect its performance and intensity such as cracks, blisters. All the fairleads get the certificate of quality. If you’re interested in our fairleads, please feel free to contact us.



Specification of CB*3062-2011 Fairlead Type B :

Model Type: CB*3062-2011 Four Roller Fairlead Type B

Material: Cast Steel

Standard: CB*3062-2011

Roller No.: 4 Rollers

Steel Cable Diameters: 14mm~44mm

Nylon Rope Diameters: 36mm~100mm

Weight: 112kg~2411kg

Certificate: CCS, ABS, BV, LR, NK, RINA

CB 3062-2011 Four Roller Fairlead Type B

  • CB*3062-2011 Four Roller Fairlead Type


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